10G Technologies

Wireless Technology

Wireless technologies must be fast, secure and widely available so that we can stay connected to the people and things that matter to us, anytime and anywhere we go.

Wi-Fi Easy Mesh 

Developed in collaboration with the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi Easy Mesh technology enables a fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection that’s available throughout the entire home, without any “dead spots” or gaps in coverage. It works by enabling the multiple Wi-Fi access points to talk and collaborate with each other and decide how the users’ devices can be best served. For example, if one access point is being heavily utilized, it can handoff some devices to an adjacent access point to distribute the traffic and maintain a high-quality user experience.

Wi-Fi Passpoint

Wi-Fi Passpoint is an industry-wide solution developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance and tested by CableLabs that streamlines the Wi-Fi connection process in public places, like restaurants, airports or hotels, while delivering enterprise-level WPA2™ security. Basically, you no longer need to search for a Wi-Fi network and enter your password every time you connect. Wi-Fi Passpoint makes the connection between the Wi-Fi hotspot and your device much more seamless and reliable.

Wi-Fi Vantage 

For most people, especially travelers, the lack of good Wi-Fi access in airports, hotels and other public spaces is a deal breaker. To meet the growing user demand, the Wi-Fi Alliance, alongside CableLabs and other members of the Wi-Fi industry, have developed Wi-Fi Vantage—a technology that delivers a high-quality, secure Wi-Fi experience that closely resembles that of a cellular network in densely populated, dynamic environments.

Low Latency Mobile Xhaul

In preparation for nation-wide 5G deployments, mobile operators have been making hefty investments in small cells—small wireless stations that enable the next generation of high-speed, low latency mobile experiences. The data that’s received by these small cells is routed back to the provider’s switching center via a wired network. This process is called Mobile Xhaul. And because cable is available to over 90% of U.S. households and more than half of all European households, its robust 10G networks will make for a cost-effective Xhaul solution that meets the latency and speed requirements of LTE, 5G and beyond.

Fronthaul vRAN 

The cable industry can now support mobile’s Virtual Radio Access Networks vRAN, making it possible to deliver 4G LTE and future 5G services over an existing DOCSIS® network—a perfect solution for cable operators that offers both cable and mobile services.

Dual Channel Wi-Fi™

Dual Channel Wi-Fi helps alleviate Wi-Fi congestion by allocating a secondary channel dedicated to downstream data of selected applications, improving both overall Wi-Fi performance and customer satisfaction.